Victorian Storm Update

by Bek Hutchin

It’s been over 2 months since that windy night in June and the cleanup continues… Most days here in Kalorama, Victoria, you can hear chainsaws and the smell of smoke in the air. I have been busy raking, burning, cutting – with my baby battery powered chainsaw AND safety gear of course.

It turns out that all three of my water tanks have been damaged in the storm and will need to be replaced. Still surviving off a 9000 litre water tank that was designed to collect water only, but we have been lucky with lots of rain so far.

There are 3 trees identified as dangerous and learning towards my house – windy nights are a little nerve racking. I have been in touch with the Bushfire Recovery Victoria organisation as they offer a clean-up program that assesses your property for dangerous trees and damaged structures and removes them for free. I have had an assessment done and hoping they will approve the tree and damaged tank removal.

My NBN finally got reconnected, after two long months of terrible data backup, so happy to see that little green light on the modem!  Especially being in lockdown, home schooling and working from home.

We all have heaps to clean up and summer is coming…Stay Safe!

If anyone needs support in this region please visit

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