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Travel To The Unknown

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Often when we travel to a customer’s site, we end up in places that we have not otherwise been and I love that about my job.

BUT a big part of what we as safety speakers do is the need to remain focused because along with this, it presents other issues.

Fatigue from Travel

Travelling in unfamiliar territory at odd hours.

Ensuring we look after our health by having adequate rest/sleep and food.
It may not seem all that important, but in the scheme of things and what our job entails the picture is bigger than many realise.

Would I give it up tomorrow?

The answer is YES if that meant having my son back.

But knowing the impossible, then I thank Alex every time I travel to share his story.

Because I am visiting some of the loveliest of places and meeting some of the most amazing people.

And for that I say THANKS!

Michelle Rath

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