Drug and Alcohol Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks – Drugs and Alcohol

I’m starting this Toolbox Talk by saying that I love a beer, and sometimes I love lots of beer. I’ll also admit that when I was younger growing up in the country I dabbled in recreational drugs (Marijuana only….. This was way before Ice and other drugs were even invented).

So I’m not writing this from someone who is totally against Drugs and Alcohol.

But I got hurt at work…. And I know what it is like to live with an injury for the rest of my life, so I am against anything that can cause us to get hurt or to injure other people.

I read recently of a commercial airline pilot who turned up for work smelling of alcohol. One of the flight attendants was concerned and reported it. Cut a long story short this pilot was way over the limit and just about to fly a plane with 120 people on board!

My view on this is that this pilot can do whatever he or she wants to do with their own lives. But when you risk hurting others because of decisions or CHOICES that you make that is just wrong!

So for those of you who do enjoy a drink, or even for those of you who choose to use drugs I’m ok with it….. As long as it does not cause you to get hurt or to hurt other people.

Another story that I want to share with you is about 15 years ago my son fell off his bike on the weekend. I took him to the hospital at about 10pm as his foot started to swell. We sat in the emergency department for nearly four hours waiting to see a doctor. But while we were there I was shocked to see the number of people come into the hospital due to the effects of alcohol and drugs. I watched and tried to hear what had happened to them and most of their injuries could have been prevented and were due to their actions or decisions under the influence.

So this brings me to drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

We go to work to earn a living so we can have a decent life outside of work hours. But the key words here are we GO TO WORK… to WORK, not to get hurt, not to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

A while ago I saw that a mine site in WA had engaged drug detection dogs to check out their employees as they arrived at work. The media and social media went crazy calling the employers Nazi’s and slave owners. But in actual fact I did not have an issue with it.

Like I said above if you choose to drink or do drugs on your own time that is your decision. But I do not agree that their should be people working under the influence of Drugs and Alcohol.

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