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I have two adult sons, one is a diesel mechanic and the other works for a government department. We catch up regularly for family dinners and get togethers. I always ask them how work is and they generally tell me stories of some of the things that they have been doing.

I’m always impressed by the amount of “Safety” that they include in their stories. They tell me about the things they have done, and the way that they have to do them, they speak about risk assessments and looking out for each other.

As someone who works in safety I love listening to these conversations as it certainly is a lot different to when I first started working.

And as a parent I’m also comforted by the amount of effort that their employers ask them to put into staying safe and the willingness of my boys to accept that it’s just “The way we do it” these days.

Let’s keep chipping away at it.


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