Times are a changin’

I was reading Michael Weston’s story Goal Posts and it got me thinking about some of the changes I have seen over the last several years.

I got hurt over 30 years ago.
Mental health was not discussed back then and I often joke that the words “Mental Health” were not even invented when I got hurt.

But this is changing and it’s a good thing.
I used to go and visit a workplace and share my story and afterwards I’d often have a few people come and tell me about a near miss or an incident that they have been involved in.

This still happens, but I’ve noticed that people are also now sharing their experiences with anxiety, depression and mental health.

I’ve had a few conversations with people that are telling me that they have struggled with some of these issues for years, but it is not until they have asked or sought help that they have been able to look into what they can do to manage some of these …. (waiting for the right word, James is chatting with Michael about it)

Mental health is real. I’ve seen it in people I know and I’ve met strangers that live with Mental Health issues.
We need to continue to discuss how it impacts people’s lives and rather than see it as being “Different” let’s see it as something that many of us live and deal with daily.

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