There’s a Panda in my garden

by Michael Weston

Well if there was anything I can be grateful for during the COVID-19 in 2020, was the time I have utilised to do some renovations at our house which included a major garden make-over at both the front and backyards.

I have always loved gardening throughout my life but nowadays my gardens mean much more to me now than ever before. The garden is a place that I can go outside to, get some fresh air and talk with our old family member “Hogan the Labradoodle” (Hogan’s Hero’s) who is 14 years old this year. 

Most important to me is it’s a place that I can escape to when I need to meditate and focus on mindfulness.

Recently, my wife Donna bought me a “Panda Drum” for Father’s Day and it has been extremely relaxing to sit outside in the garden and play some tunes on the Panda Drum. I have found that the sounds are extremely calming for me and add another element to my times outside. The bonus that my wife and I have recently discovered is that Hogan will immediately laydown when he hears the Panda Drum and drifts off to sleep…just amazing!

If only we had one of these when our adult kids were babies.

So, whilst COVID-19 still controls our lifestyle (no more-so than Victoria at present), there are still the simple things in life that we can embrace to assist with keeping our Mental Health and happiness in check.

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