The Right Way to Deliver Information

Woody Shares

I was recently at a workplace sharing my story and I got chatting with a couple of people afterwards. They said to me “You tell a really great story” I said “Thanks, I try to deliver my story in the way that I would have listened to it.”

He told me that they have regular training days and 90% of the information they get is delivered by PowerPoint and with charts and figures and statistics. He went on to say that as I was telling my story he could relate to it and he felt “engaged.”

Ok so you might think I’m being self indulgent here and saying that my story was great, but it made me think about some of the presentations I have sat in on over the years. Some of them are terrible, delivered by people who don’t really “live or believe” what they are saying.

Just think about it for a minute, if you have to deliver a message or some information is there a way that you would like to receive it? Is there something you can do that will make people remember what you are delivering. Tell a joke or two while relating to your topic.

Even if it’s a serious subject you can still have a bit of fun with it.

Here’s an example…

I share how much I hate getting around in a wheelchair…..
But I then say “What’s the worst thing about being in a wheelchair?”
People answer “Stairs’ or “Changing a light bulb” but I say
“No….. It’s Dog Shit!”

Think about it!

So next time you have to get a message across or deliver some training have a think about some of the things and ways that you can make it interesting and relatable.

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