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The ‘Fear Factor’

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A Mothers Confession

By Michelle Rath

I hope the below provides our readers with a broader understanding about the ongoing impact of Workplace Loss,

I feel that unless you have travelled this road then it’s not something you can ever imagine.

How years later it is for those of us left behind to pick up the pieces,

It’s now been 3 ½ years since we lost Alex.

Our family has been trying to re-group, find our own identities and gather some form of normality.

But life for all of us will always be a work in progress.

We have all changed and without a doubt, even today it still seems all too surreal.

I do believe it will always be this way!

But I openly confess that since that day, I have struggled greatly with anxiety,

As the mother of 2 other adult sons, I am in constant fear and it is with me every single day

I am always left wondering who I am going to lose next, that is my BIGGEST fear

My insides churn even if a text message or phone call isn’t returned in a timely manner

I have come to identify this as the fear factor’ and it’s the new normal for me.

I was never like this before Alex’s accident and I doubt it will ever go away.


I share these feelings with our readers because once something like this happens,

It’s with us forever and it’s a traumatic change to many lives.

Don’t let this to happen to you, your business or your workers!


I hope you think about asking me or one of our other CNBSafe Safety Speakers to your workplace

We all share our then story and where we are today with how our lives have changed

Our real life stories CAN and DO make a difference!

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