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A few times this year I’ve had conversations with people about how I coped with my injury mentally. Usually someone asks me “Did you have counselling?”

Back when I got hurt I think the medical profession were a bit different. Their focus was to get someone physically back on track & hopefully the mental side would sort itself out!

These days we put a lot more effort into making sure someone copes with the mental health side of things too.

So my normal answer is “No I did not have counselling….. but I was lucky that I had some really good people around me that forced me to talk about how I was feeling.”

My Dad said to me when I was lying in hospital “I want you to tell me how you are feeling” I told him I didn’t want to talk about it. But he kept nagging me and after a week or so I started to tell him if I was angry, frustrated, sad, upset etc.

After a month or so we had got into the habit of every day I’d tell my dad how my day was…… If I was feeling down or if I was up. And I got to the point where I looked forward to sharing how I was feeling with my old man.

I honestly believe that had he not forced me to talk to him I would have kept all of my emotions & feelings inside until they “Got to me”!

So my suggestion to any of you is that we all need to find someone that we can talk to. It might be a partner or a friend or it might be a complete stranger! But if you can share & talk about your feelings it will make you feel much better.

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