Taking things for granted

A few weeks ago I had to go into the city for a meeting. I thought about driving in but the last time I drove into the CBD it cost me nearly $50 in parking so I decided to call a taxi.

Now just to explain, I can use a normal taxi, I transfer into the passenger seat and the driver puts my wheelchair in the boot or the back seat. But I have a shoulder injury at the moment and I didn’t want to aggravate it by transferring into the passenger seat so I ordered a Maxi Cab so I could stay in my chair.

Did you know that there are not many Maxi Cabs available and you usually have to book 24-48 hours in advance?

It made me think that I need to put a lot more planning into things than someone who does not use a wheelchair.

It also takes some of the spontaneity out of being able to do things quickly or changing plans. The taxi is usually booked for many jobs and can’t just change its schedule.

Anyway have a look at how this works for me, can you imagine having to get loaded in and out of a cab like this?

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