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Michelle Rath Safety Speaker

Michelle Rath offers workplaces something different!

When a worker gets hurt or killed doing their job the immediate focus is on the person that it happens to!

Have you ever thought about that person’s family or friends?

Alex is Michelle’s youngest son, he was working as a refrigeration & air conditioning apprentice when he was killed in a workplace accident.

Michelle Rath explains that the worst days are days when Alex SHOULD be there, birthdays, family times.

“January is a month I fear, knowing we celebrate his birthday on the 16th and he is not here for me to hug. January 19th is the day we lost Alex &  our world changed, everybody respects just how hard this is for me as this used to be my birthday as well…Not any more! January 29th is the day we farewelled Alex  so another day we struggle through!…..”

“January is just soul destroying & devastating….”

Then there are the “Triggers” that make you think of how much you miss them. A favourite song or piece of music, you see a car like the one they used to drive!

Michelle wants employees & employers to know what it is like to lose a loved one because of an accident at work. If we are aware of the impact then just maybe we can think a bit more about how we can stop people from getting hurt or killed while doing their job.

No one should have to go through what I & Alex’s father Rob, his brothers & Fiancé are going through. Alex will always be a part of our lives…. But he is no longer here!

If you would like to hear how an accident at work can impact on other people invite Michelle to share ‘Loss in the Workplace –  Alex’s Story ‘with your workplace.

Alexander Lee Rath - Michelle Rath - CNB Safe

Read more about Michelle’s presentation ‘Loss in the Workplace – Alex’s Story’ HERE

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What people say about our Safety Speakers

  • Michelle’s story was direct, relevant and brought a few tears to the group. Michelle’s story fitted our target audience perfectly, it showed the ripple effect of such a tragedy. Courageously presented, well articulated and deeply personal.

    Stephen Pelchen ,  Langdon Building
  • The time spent with Michelle provided an insight into how those left behind are affected and the coping mechanisms used to get by day to day. The presentation was very engaging and highlighted the importance of checking and understanding your surroundings.

    Mark Fee ,  Safety Team Leader at Rob Carr Pty Ltd
  • Michelle’s presentation was a fantastic way to get people thinking about theirs and other peoples safety within the workplace, sometimes a personal touch can be more effective than being drilled with policy. It is equally important to know and understand WHS policy but by using alternate techniques to get important messages across you can gain a […]

    Chloe Constable ,  RAAF Base Edinburgh