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Anton Guinea - Safety Speaker CNB Safe

Anton Guinea’s life changed while doing a simple job! He received flash burns while working as an electrician.

Anton Guinea spent many months recovering from his injury and during this time he decided that he would try to share his message with others to stop it from happening to someone else!

But this was just the beginning for Anton, he soon realised that he wanted to share more than just his story. He undertook a long process of educating himself & learning from others about the issues that workers & workplaces have with safety & with training.

Anton Guinea is now in a position not just to talk about his experience, but to discuss & educate your people in many of the important aspects of safety that we have today.

‘We can work together to discuss safety at a level that employees understand.’

Using a variety of different methods we can come up with a safety program for your workplace that will leave your people with a lasting message.

Let us build a program that looks at the issues you have & we can work with your site to discuss, address & solve these problems.

What Anton Guinea can offer your workplace

Safety Presentation

Anton shares the story of his accident, and goes further by talking about…

  • It happened to me, it might happen to you
  • It is all about the safety conversation
  • Challenge the Norms
  • Change your thinking, change your behaviour
  • The ABC of Safety (Attitude, Behaviour and Consequence)

Safety starts with Attitude

Tailored Safety Training for your business

  • Get to know you & your business & any related safety issues
  • Put together a workshop that will fit into your timeframes
  • Provide professional facilitation services
  • Provide guest speakers to share their safety story
  • Interactive training

Read more about Anton’s presentation here CNBSAFE – Anton Guinea Presentation Content

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What people say about our Safety Speakers

  • Anton, like all the CNBSafe Speakers gave a very real and touching account of how his workplace injury changed not only his life but that of his loved ones. We have received some fantastic feedback from several of our staff members about Anton’s message and hope his words stay fresh in their minds for time […]

    Kym Saunders ,  Compliance Manager - Downer Bombardier
  • “I recently had the opportunity to work with James on a joint safety project, where he presented to two large groups of coalminers. James communicated a compelling and challenging safety message about taking responsibility for the choices we make regarding safety. The groups were captivated by his personal story, and the down to earth way […]

    Marc McLaren – Director ,  The WorkWise Group