Speaker Spotlight – Michelle Rath

In 2023 we saw 173 workers were killed at work in Australia (Safework Australia) but these are far more than just statistics. Each one of these instances involve a ripple effect of tragedy and loss across the individuals friends, community, colleagues, and family.

Life after loss isn’t as simple as ‘moving on’, it’s about the eventual gathering of strength to accept, find peace, and move forward. Unfortunately, CNB Safe Speaker Michelle Rath knows precisely what it’s like to adjust to life after loss.

Life After Loss

On 19th  January, 2013, Michelle’s son, Alex Rath, was fatally electrocuted whilst working as a 4th year Air Conditioning and Refrigeration apprentice. At just 23 years old, Alex left behind devastated friends, family, and fiancé.

During the very same week of the incident, Michelle’s family was about to put the home up for sale. The once hopeful future of a new family home was swiftly shattered without warning and Michelle and her husband Rob’s life changed forever.

Feeling almost like another loss, they couldn’t bring themselves to sell the home. This is where Alex and his brothers were raised, all of their memories of him happened in this home. It was almost 8 years later that Michelle and her family felt ready to move forward – selling their home and finding their happy place just short of Barossa Valley.

Loss In The Workplace – Alex’s Story

In the years following her loss, Michelle became increasingly passionate about workplace safety. She believes many people don’t truly consider how their death or injury would impact those around them. This belief is what sparked her initiative to become a CNB Safe Speaker.

Changing attitudes among workers across Australia, Michelle’s presentation ‘Loss In The Workplace – Alex’s Story’ unveils her perspective to the tragic death of Alex Rath. Michelle believes nobody should go through what her and Alex’s father, brothers and fiancé went through. To learn more about her presentation, click here.

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