Speaker Spotlight – Dr Lana Cormie

On March 21, 2018, a workplace incident occurred on a worksite in Delacombe, Victoria. Unaware of the unfolding events, Lana didn’t think much of the rescue helicopter flying by her work that day. After failed attempts to contact her husband, Charlie, Lana’s concern deepened.

Lana came to realise that the helicopter was for her husband and a workmate. Charlie was fatally injured in an incident at work. March 21 marks the loss of Lana’s husband, and her children’s father.

“I went from a happy mum, wife and vet, who was like most people blissfully unaware of what happens when systems fail and a loved one dies a traumatic death with no warning,” says Lana of her experience.

Making A Difference

Today, Lana shares her profoundly impactful story with individuals, not as a recounting of tragedy, but as a catalyst for change. As a dedicated CNB Safe Speaker, Lana’s mission is about igniting a transformation in Australian workplaces’ approach to safety. With every visit to a new workplace, Lana brings with her the harrowing narrative and message of loss and grief that changed her life.

“I share my story for one reason – to help stop workplace injuries and deaths. If I can help one person think differently about safety and go home to their family at the end of the day, then I have succeeded,” Lana explained when asked why she became a safety speaker.

Never Ignore A Near Miss

Many workplaces have stories or instances that serve as powerful reminders of the importance of workplace safety. For most, a workplace incident or fatality will have us reconsider how we approach safety at work, becoming more aware of safety procedures, practices, and those around us.

However, it’s the close calls and near misses that can often go overlooked. This disregard for near misses and potential hazards is what can lead to the worst case scenario.
A life-changing injury, or workplace fatality.

This is one of the key messages CNB Safe Speaker Dr Lana Cormie stresses when telling her story to workers all over Australia.

The Why of Safety, It’s Deadly Serious

In Lana’s powerful presentation ‘The Why of Safety, It’s Deadly Serious’, she shows the repercussions of losing a loved one to a workplace incident. Ingraining a crucial message to all individuals: safety is not a simple checkbox or set of rules to follow, but something that we must consider in every aspect of our work.

Lana’s presentation delivers several key messages:

  • Show your employees how losing a family member will impact others: Lana emphasises the importance of considering the broader implications of workplace safety. When someone is hurt at work, the ripple effect impacts families, friends, and communities.
  • Never ignore a near miss: Don’t overlook a close call, this disregard for existing hazards is a workplace injury waiting to happen. Rather than brushing it off or ignoring it, vigilant reporting and analysis of the hazard must be undertaken, preventing any future injuries.
  • If it’s not safe you have to STOP: Putting safety at the forefront of all tasks, stopping any work you believe is unsafe. Nothing is worth jeopardising your well-being or that of your colleagues.
  • Think about the job you are doing: Consider the task at hand and your surroundings. By fostering a habit of mindful awareness, individuals should recognise hazards, assess risks, and make informed decisions to prioritise safety.
  • Safety is the most important part of your job: Above all else, safety is not another aspect of the job – it is the most vital component.


Daniela Ilievska, Junior Process Engineer, Wallenius Wilhelmsen

“Dr. Lana Cormie delivered a powerful and insightful presentation on safety in the workplace. She demonstrated a deep understanding of safety principles, backed by her unfortunate life experience that she was faced with.

What sets Lana apart is not only her knowledge but also her passion for promoting a culture of safety. It was evident that she genuinely cares about the well-being of individuals in the workplace and she really is fighting to share her message because no one should experience anything like she did and she still is. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lana Cormie to any organisation seeking a speaker who can educate, inspire, and instil a culture of safety.”

Mark Nisbet, National Distribution Centres Lead, Reece Group

“Lana provides an open sharing into her life and the struggles she has endured and continues to endure. With a Clear and Precise message – safety is the most important thing about work!”

Think your team needs to hear Lana’s story?

Lana is available for online presentations Australia-wide and face-to-face in Victoria. She has limited capacity to travel for interstate presentations due to her young family.

Contact the team today to book your session.

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