Silly Season

As you read this we will just be coming into the Silly Season. The lead up to Christmas and new year is often a time when we are distracted by everything that is going on around us.
We have more parties and functions to celebrate the end of the year, We start to get ready for a break or a holiday if you are having one, we start to worry about kids and child minding while we are at work and they have a 6-8 week break.

So it is easy to lose focus on what we are meant to be doing at work!

If you are a leader or a safety person please make sure that you put in a bit of extra effort in the next few weeks to keep your people engaged and focused on not getting hurt. Run a few extra toolbox talks, share a couple of extra safety stories or arrange something that will make sure that no one gets hurt in the lead up to Christmas.

There is no time that it is ok to get hurt, but the Christmas and New Year period is probably the worst time that anyone can have an injury because it just changes it for everyone involved!

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