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Don’t be afraid to copy or share when it comes to Safety

I was out at a site a while ago and I was speaking to the Safety Manager that I was working with and talking about a couple of things that I had seen at a similar workplace that had improved traffic flow and safety. The person I was speaking to “Jokingly” said “Nah we wouldn’t want to copy their ideas.”

I had a chuckle about it at the time…. But it made me think “Why do we sometimes feel that we can’t or should not copy other people’s good ideas” especially when it comes to safety.
I have even worked with some sites that are owned by the same parent company that do a great job at one site yet the other site does not adopt the same ways of doing things for fear of “Copying”.

C’mon…. We are not kids any more, if you have something that works at your business then share the shit out of it!
Write about it in your company newsletter, post it on your BookFace pages! And get your managers and HR people to actively promote it.
How good would you feel if an idea or a system you came up with stopped someone from getting hurt!

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