Second Wave took me back to my dark place

By Alan Newey

COVID-19 second wave in Victoria has caused me far more issues than the first one.

I’m not sure why, I have been through worse as we all have with our incidents.

But this time it took me back to when my accident happened.
One of the first things said to me was, you have lost your right arm, all your qualifications for work, you should just get the disability pension.
In other words your working career is over and the only way I could put food on the table is take the pension.

For some reason COVID-19 took me back to this dark place.
Being told to stay home staying home again not doing what I love doing. 
Presenting…sharing my story!
Put me in a very dark place, bringing back all the bad memories.

20 odd years down the track l never thought I would be fighting those demons again, this is what COVID-19 has done to me.

Once again Kathy(my wife) has been picking me up saying it will get better, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I cannot wait to see my friends at CNB Safe and get out presenting, it’s what makes me happy.

Alan Newey, covid-19, mental health, safety speaker
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