Safety through someone else’s eyes

Have you ever taken time to look at something from someone else’s perspective?

Some of you know that I have two adult sons and a pre-teen daughter.
Because of my interest in safety, I sometimes try to put myself in their shoes when faced with a risk. It’s worth giving it a go, especially if you have the opportunity to do it with them.

My daughter has been home a lot lately, lockdowns and remote learning have meant we get to spend a lot more time together.

We have made a habit of going for long family walks or bike rides. This means we get to cross roads, deal with traffic and pedestrians and just talk about things on our walks and rides. I’ll often let her ‘Lead’ when we need to cross a road. I allow her to use the traffic lights and I ask her what we should do when riding towards an intersection.

This does two things, it makes her think about the choices she is making and I can guide her if she makes a wrong or poor choice. But it also let’s me see how she sees these situations from her point of view.

Sometimes as parents we think we need to tell our kids what they should be doing, when in actual fact they should be thinking about the choices they make and it is our job to guide them to make sure they make the right decisions.

Oh and it’s really good to spend time with a 9 year old who knows EVERYTHING!

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