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Effin Hotel Dramas

I’m like a broken record with this one but I had another I had another issue with a hotel this month. Firstly there was no place to park the car and get in to check in. The driveway was on a fairly steep driveway and pretty awkward to get my chair out on. To the hotel’s credit they came out and gave me my room key to save me getting my wheelchair out of the car.

But then they advised me that the hotel carpark was down a long steep driveway and they can send a shuttle buggy down to pick me up?
Ok so I’m in a wheelchair and I don’t expect everything to be accessible, but seriously?
A buggy to pick me up.

So I parked the hire car out on the road and made my way to the room. I was there for a while and went into the bathroom and noticed that the towels were on a rack on the wall out of my reach.I could have easily called reception to come and get them for me.

But that’s not the point. I want to be able to park my car and go into reception like everyone else, and I want to be able to reach the Effin towels when I need one!

Stay safe Australia, getting hurt changes EVERYTHING!

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