Schedule Powerful Workplace Safety Presentations in Perth, Adelaide, or Melbourne, Australia with CNBSafe Safety Speakers

Encouraging workplace safety across Australia is an important campaign that can prevent many injuries, save lives, and even save companies thousands of dollars overall. All of these reasons confirm that workplace safety presentations in Adelaide and neighbouring areas need to be taken much more seriously. Unfortunately, it is not enough to create safety rules and regulations, compile a safety checklist or handbook, or to hold safety sessions with videos and information. In order to get employees to care about safety, they have to understand the direct reasons for safety rules, and the consequences that can occur if they are not followed.

CNBSafe Safety Speakers – Offering Safety Presentations in Melbourne and Other Regions

CNBSafe Safety Speakers understands that in order for your employees to follow safety rules, they must be given applicable reasons. CNBSafe Safety Speakers is a group of speakers who were previously injured or impacted by workplace safety violations, who have banded together to visit other companies and host workplace safety presentations for Perth and nearby businesses.

CNBSafe Safety speakers will focus on their own stories, as well as the impact that safety violations can have on your family and friends. Imagine losing your dominant arm because you did not follow safety procedures, or, more importantly, did not fully understand why they were in place. These safety presentations are designed to engage employees, by offering them relatable examples of the dangers of neglecting safety rules and regulations.

Speakers focusing on the impact injuries can cause will also speak about how their friends and family were impacted personally and financially. Perhaps their spouse had to care for them while they recovered. Or, maybe the injured party was the only one working, so the spouse struggled financially and had to take a low paying job to help make ends meet. Severe emotional issues could also occur. CNBSafe Safety Speakers includes all of this in their safety presentations; they want your employees to consider how safety impacts everyone, not just one individual.

CNBSafe Safety speakers in Australia – Additional Features

While CNBSafe Safety Speakers safety presentations in Australia are extremely helpful, they also want to keep in contact with you and keep your company updated on new safety tips and features. That is why they create a monthly newsletter that you can receive to distribute to your employees physically or via email, or post up in common meeting areas for employees to browse through at their leisure. These newsletters are a great way to continue your company’s safety campaign.

CNBSafe Safety Speakers is not a safety corporation, but they are a group of real life individuals who have been affected by not following safety regulations. They want to show you in their safety presentations how to prevent the accidents that happened to them. If your company is in Perth, Adelaide, or Melbourne, reach out to CNBSafe Safety Speakers today to schedule your first presentation. You can find out more information about their programs and services on their website at

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