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I’ve had a busy couple of busy months in delivering Alex’s message to our CNB Safe clients.  I recently travelled to WA for the first time and spent a week in Kambalda,WA at Goldfields St Ives & Independent Long Operations.
To put things into perspective, I delivered 11 presentations over 5 days which is mentally exhausting.
The days were long due to the super early morning starts, and I met some amazing people along the way.  But I also had some down time which allowed me to recharge my batteries during sessions. I happened to also find out where all the flies in Australia hibernate outside of summer.

On a more serious note, it constantly humbles me that those attending my presentations are so respectful, some of what they hear although difficult to listen to, is pure reality and can be very confronting. At the end of each day, although the flights can be long, and the days can be long
Alex is worth every minute of it and by sharing his message provides our family with the hope that this never happens to you.

DSTO(Defence Science and Technology Group) Edinburgh SA is another client whom I presented to and it’s always nice to have the opportunity to keep my feet firmly on the ground by presenting in my own back yard.  Scientists , Managers and Admin staff for the Defence Science Technology Organisation were my targeted audience. It doesn’t matter a workers field of work, the message is the same and it’s great to see such a variety of businesses prepared to get that message across and especially during Safety Month.
Michelle Rath

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