CNB Safety Keynote Speakers Remind us to Be Safe

How good is your memory? Some people use tools or symbols to jar their memory. Others use notes or even write on their hands to remember an important event. At CNBSafe, we remind people about safety by sharing our stories about injuries.

CNBSafe has been providing safety presentations for over eight years. Since 2002, the founder of CNBSafe, James Wood, has been spreading the word about the importance of remembering to be safe at work. At CNBSafe, we don’t just talk to the employees about workplace injury statistics. We use the true stories of our brave safety keynote speakers to inspire and inform employees about workplace safety.

For example, James Wood, who broke his back after a work incident, talks about the choices he made that landed him in a wheelchair. There’s safety keynote speaker Michelle Rath, who discusses how she dealt with a traumatic loss in the workplace. Speaker Alan Newey presents on the ‘Human side of Safety’ and Anton Guinea reminds us that ‘It might happen to you’. Each of our safety keynote speakers has been personally affected by workplace injury or fatality. While they are not safety professionals, their true stories reach employees in the memory centre – their hearts.

We have found that real life stories are more impactful on the memory than statistics. They relay a poignant message about how our choices can affect the rest of our lives. We invite to you visit us online to book a safety keynote speaker for your place of business. It will be an event to remember!