Safety is BullSh*t

‘It’s just something to cover the bosses arse if something goes wrong.’‘

They keep changing the way we do our job to piss us off.

’‘I’ve been doing it this way for 20 years, why do we have to change?’

These are all actual statements that people have said to me during the last 20 plus years of visiting workplaces.

Some people honestly believe that SAFETY is something that management introduces purely to cover them in the event of someone getting hurt or killed.

But can I give you something to think about?

Can you imagine being a manager or owner of a business and walking up someone’s driveway to knock on their door to tell them that their daughter or son, mother or father, brother or sister, husband or wife… has been killed or hurt at work?

Can you imagine sitting in a courtroom where a barrister is hammering you about your responsibility to keep your staff and employees safe?

Can you imagine the injured person’s family looking at you in a courtroom and blaming you for the things you should have done to stop their loved one from getting killed?

So of course it is something that management do to cover their arse!
But it is also to stop people from getting hurt.

Next time your managers introduce a new policy or procedure, don’t just think about how it might impact the way you do your job, but think about the way it could stop someone from getting hurt.

Safety is not BullSh*t

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