Road Trip & Driving to the Conditions

Woody Shares

Road Trip

Flying when you are in a wheelchair is not fun. I’ve mentioned before that I need assistance to get on and off a plane. So when the opportunity came up to visit some workplaces by road I jumped at it.

I loaded up my ute and headed off. I have a UHF CB Radio in the ute and I normally keep it on Channel 40 and listen to the truckies.

As always there is a fair bit of swearing, but the really good thing is that most truckies encourage each other to stay safe. Every conversation I listened to during my road trip signed of with…

“Have a good night and stay safe.” or “You take care mate drive safely.”

There were the warnings for police patrols and traffic hazards, there were plenty of swear words. But most conversations were warning other drivers of any road issues and encouraging each other to be safe.

Well done Truckies…

Drive to the conditions

This one is close to home for me as part of the reason I got hurt was I was not driving to the conditions.

Anyhow I told you about my road trip this month, I did 3000km on mainly country roads.

But this week I have spent the week in Sydney.
I have several different locations that I need to visit all over Sydney. I’m on day 3 and so far I have covered 128km of city roads, but my trip computer tells me that my average speed has been 29.4km/h

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in traffic.

It got me thinking that you really do need to drive to suit the conditions…
One week 3000km at 100km/h and the next week 128km at just under 30km/h.

Give me the open country roads any day!

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