CNB Reflects on 2022
Reflections on 2022

Reflections on 2022

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For our Melbourne-based business, 2022 brought with it the, albeit, slow return to “business as usual” after two years of lockdowns and uncertainty. Whilst we embraced the online environment, our team and our clients have felt the benefits of experiencing our stories face-to-face all across our vast country. 

Our reconnection with businesses and clients has brought new understanding and appreciation for the safety landscape and the conversations that are happening on-site and in the boardrooms all over Australia. CNB Safe’s team reflected on 2022 and the trends we’re seeing across workplaces.

James ‘Woody’ Wood

Alan Newey 

“I see more companies and more importantly the person they should listen to too, the employee on the shop floor, not only looking after themselves but the people around them as well.

This is very heartwarming to me, because I have also seen a big increase in the amount of companies emphasizing the mental health of their employees.”

Michael Weston

“This year has seen many businesses being proactive within the mental health space by providing their employees with greater access to people like myself that have lived experiences and learnings to share.

It is this proactive approach that is seeing businesses raising the awareness of mental health, changing the narrative and putting actions in place which has seen a positive cultural change to support the reduction of stigma relating to mental health.”

With 2023 just around the corner, we’re more passionate and determined to ensure that safe working practices and people’s physical and mental safety is front and centre, where it belongs. A new year also brings with it the chance to set our sights on new goals and opportunities, which the team express here:

Michelle Rath

“My aim has and always will be, to fight for the welfare of all workers by bringing them into our world and introducing them to Alex. I would like to personally thank those businesses that have aimed high this year and brought safety to their workforce.”

Vanessa Wood

“I have loved reconnecting with existing and new clients, re-establishing the way we do things and most importantly supporting our incredible speakers to once again be able to share their powerful stories with people all around the country. 

Personally I would like 2023 to bring balance to all aspects of my life. I have the best job in the world…working with our amazing speakers, our office team, external partners and clients.”

Sandy Blunt 

“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel honoured to have had a very small part in making people stop and think about safety and how an incident could affect themselves and their family.  

Let’s hope that the safety message continues and everyone has a safe 2023.”

To each of the clients who invited us to share our stories and messages of safety this year, we say a heartfelt thank you. We’re excited to work with you again in 2023. 

We know many will be looking forward to these holidays in a way perhaps not felt in some time. Woody, Vanessa and the CNB team wish you a happy, festive Christmas and a bright New Year. Please remember the words of the Safety Bloke himself – “Stay safe Australia!”

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