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CHOICES – The James Wood Story DVD Package


CHOICES – The James Wood Story DVD Package

James Wood has been sharing his story with workplaces for over 15 years. Due to numerous requests he has developed the fully self contained safety training package based on his story.

The CHOICES The James Wood Story DVD Package is a self-contained training module, that is able to be delivered to your site by safety professionals or trainers.

The James Wood CHOICES Safety Training Package is excellent for safety inductions and to reinforce the safety message.


The CHOICES The James Wood Story DVD Package includes:


  • A heavy duty folder containing all material
  • DVD Presentation of James ‘Choices’ message
  • DVD Interview with James Wood (Question & Answer Format)
  • Facilitators DVD(with tips and hints for effectively delivering the training package)
  • Questionnaire for attendees based on DVD content
  • ‘Choices’ Slideshow – ‘How would you cope?’
  • Flowchart for presenting the training package
    • Answers to questionnaire for facilitator
    • Copies of all documentation on disk
    • 2GB USB stick
    • CNBSafe Branded Pens
    • CNBSafe Stickers

CHOICES – The James Wood Story is a must have for all workplaces.

Let your employees see & hear the results of a serious workplace injury!

This training package will challenge your employees to think about the CHOICES they make


The CHOICES DVD covers:

  • James’ background
  • How the accident happened
  • How it changed James’ life
  • How it affected other people
  • James’ view on safety
  • Blame
  • Compensation
  • Safety is YOUR choice

Safety is a Choice YOU make!