Michelle Rath - Painful Reminders

Painful Reminders

Michelle Rath

Whilst everyone recently celebrated Xmas and the New Year,
for our family it was knowing that January would be a
vivid reminder of how much we have lost.

Xmas Day – Our son Alex was missing (attached is how our family now celebrates Xmas)

January 16 – He would have turned 27 but he’s no longer with us,

January 19 – The cruellest day when he was taken from us, and also the day I lost any reason to celebrate what used to be my birthday (it’s now known as mother & son day)

January 28 – The day I was able to kiss him for the last time.

January 29 – The day our hearts all broke as we farewelled him.

Parents never get over the loss of a child and our lives have been irreversibly changed.
And it never gets easier, time doesn’t heal.

I want everyone to know this as we still live it every single day.

So with 2017 now ahead of us all, my hope is that our readers can take away how life is for our family.
Don’t allow mistakes to change the course of your life.
Safety is part of life and is there to protect you from living our nightmare
You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones.
I hope I get to meet some more of our readers this year to provide insight to the consequences of loss in the workplace.
It’s a very long road!
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