Moving forward will never mean moving on!

by Michelle Rath

Not everyone would know this but in January 2013, the very week that we lost Alex, our family home was meant to be put up for Sale.

We had dreams just like anyone else, but that week they were shattered without warning.
As you can only imagine, our lives irreversibly changed.
We could no longer sell, our future plans ceased to exist and life appeared to stand still for what felt like an eternity.
How could we sell the family home when all we now had were memories? 
Memories of Alex’s and has brothers growing up.
Could you ever imagine having no choice about your future?

No is the right answer, and I’d never want anyone to have that choice taken away from them in the way it did our family.

Wind the clock forward 7 ½ years and somehow we felt ready,
It has taken me this long to understand and accept that Alex would be with me no matter where I went.

And in what seems to have been a very long time, I have finally found inner peace.
We have moved, we have found that happy place just short of the Barossa Valley.
This tells people that amongst tragedy we can come out the other side and for us it was in our own time, at our own pace
But more importantly it tells everyone the magnitude of which loss impacts.

Think about that and stay safe!

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