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Safety Speakers

This week saw me travel to Chinchilla Qld, my very first interstate trip to share Alex’s Story and an experience that will be with me always.
Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect and living on camp amongst the workers, gave me an appreciation to the lifestyle they choose along with so much admiration.
It was 4 days delivering a message to the Blue Collar workers at Leightons, Thiess and Murphy Pipe and Civil.
Although initially a bit nervous, it became very clear to me that Safety was always a prime focus, by sheer indication of their LTI’s and the genuine care on offer.
During these few days I was very fortunate to be in the company of safety professionals who have been delivering the message for some time.
I left feeling empowered as I took away so much with what they offered to me in terms of sound advice to further develop my passion and allow Alex’s Story to be heard.
With a lot of support they gave me the strength to know without a doubt that ‘Safety is my Life’.
Safety is a Choice, my message to them was to make Smart Choices, don’t compromise what you have in life as it can all disappear in the blink of an eye.
Work Safely,

Me and the MPC Gang_edited

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