Michael Weston – Mental Health

Michael will share the story of a workplace injury that you can’t see. He doesn’t have an arm or a leg missing and he doesn’t require crutches or a wheelchair to get around. Yet his injury is just as serious and life changing.

Michael has an acquired brain injury (ABI) caused by stress and mental fatigue leading to his body breaking down

Most of us work hard, some of us work harder than others and then there are some that just work too hard. This was Michael’s story. Long hours at work and more hours away from the job but still working led to something having to give. In Michael’s case it was his body that shut down on his driveway after leaving for work.

A neighbor found him unconscious and not breathing

After a period of recovery Michael thought he had better get back to work but something was still wrong. He was not the same as he was prior to the breakdown.

With the support of his wife and a good team of health professionals Michael was diagnosed with an ABI, Anxiety, Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Michael now shares his story to show others that we need balance in our lives.

Michael Westen

Topics Shared:

The lead up to him collapsing – Events following his incident – Getting back to work (too early) – Searching for answers as to why things were “Not the same” – How it changed his life and how it affected his family – Life as it is now – Things you need to look out for
Michael shares ‘Head Above Water’

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