Michael has employed ‘Wellness Specialist’ whose name is MAX

by Michael Weston

Max” will take on key responsibilities incorporated within the “Wellness Specialist” role such as the following:

  • Office Space Coordinator
  • Break Planner & Scheduler
  • Anxiety Detector
  • Remuneration Officer (love & Cuddles)
  • Weather Detection Assistant

Jokes aside, our hearts have been left with a void since our 14-year-old Labradoodle “Hogan” passed away late last year and many family discussions have been had around having another fur baby.
This time we have decided to have a very small fur baby compared to our beloved Hogan the Labradoodle.
Max” is a Maltese x Shih Tzu x Schnoodle. Yes, it’s a mouthful isn’t it!
I’m going right out of my comfort zone here and will call the breed a “Maltshitinoodle”…your welcome!

Max comes home in 4 weeks and no doubt will be a little bigger than what you see below.

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