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Do you ever sit back and wonder if what you do every day, makes a difference to other people’s lives?

I often sit back and ask myself if I am making a difference when I am sharing Alex’s story with the various businesses that I am privileged to visit.

For me it’s a necessity and Safety has become my passion.

Every single day I thank Alex for giving me the strength to go on.

So I ask you to ask yourself this question.

How would you cope if your child lost their life at work?

I did and because of this I want to share Alex with everyone,

I will not allow him to be remembered as a statistic.

Like most people that will read this ‘My children are also my passion’

BUT EVERYTHING has changed and I am no longer the same person I once was.




Strength through Sadness

Addressing Issues

Fighting against mindset and negativity

Educating the wider business community.

Triumph over Tragedy

YOUR Life Matters


Ask me more.

I am here to make a difference and I never want you to experience what I now live with every single day.


Michelle Rath  –  Safety Speaker

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