James Wood

Life in Lockdown

Do you think we will all look back on this in years to come and say “what did you do in 2020 during the Virus?”

How has it or will it change your life? 

For me it has been huge, I went from having work lined up many months ahead to having nothing and being stuck at home for the last nearly 3 months.

But here’s another thing to think about how getting hurt can change things for you. 

My chance of getting a job or finding work elsewhere is a lot less than someone who is not in a wheelchair. 

Now I know all the political correctness and equal opportunities policies and are in place. But the reality is that it is harder for someone with an existing injury or a disability to find a job than someone who does not have one.

I’m not asking for sympathy here or for you to feel sorry for me in any way, I have some part time work lined up and I’m busy working on my business for when things pick up.

But I wanted you to understand that when you get hurt it changes things for you when it happens, but in many cases it can change things for the rest of your life.

Don’t hurt yourself people, it really sucks.  Woody

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