KISS…A love story!

Alan's Tales

by Alan Newey

I would say it was one of the best days of my life.

Meeting KISS put me in such a positive frame of mind as I was not doing it for me, but for Kathy.
It was always her dream to meet her real husband, Paul Stanley, and I was her fill-in husband. (I want payment for looking after her).

KISS don’t do autographs but after talking to a roadie and explaining why she was not with me at the “Meet & Greet”, he took Kathy’s picture away with him. The roadie came back saying “Paul was touched. Please enjoy the show” and he gave me back our picture autographed.

I had tears in my eyes but it showed me my life was actually worth living, even though I miss Kathy so much.

Alan Newey, amputation, Kathy, KISS
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