January, Work and Acceptance are all important parts of me

by Michelle Rath

So January has put in an appearance and I still loathe its presence.
I survive with beautiful memories of Alex and with friends and family that accept and support me, as there is severe anxiety in the build up and depression as another anniversary passes.

I am back at work and thankful for the distraction and I have to say that being busy is my saviour. Just prior to Christmas, I started a new job (my 4th in 2021) BUT I think I have found the job to take me through to retirement and it just feels right. The people also feel right and focused. An electrical facilities company prepared to give me the opportunity to be their HSE Officer and PA to the General Manager. I haven’t said this for a long time but it’s nice that I can now say “I enjoy going to work”.

I hope everyone keeps safe in all aspects of their lives during 2022 and please don’t forget the CNB Safe speakers are all here for you personally and virtually whenever you or your business needs us. Reach out at any time.

Alex & his Mum

are you kidding me
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