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  • James Wood – WHS Champion of the Year 2016

    Monday, March 21, 2016 at 12:05 am Safety Speakers Post a comment

    Thrilled to be announced the 2016 WHS Champion at the Hunter Safety Awards this week.

    At a gala awards night filled with Safety Nerds I accepted the award & was humbled by the acknowledgement. Thanks to everyone who voted for me & to everyone who believes that we can keep working to stop people from getting hurt or killed while doing their job.
    I’m so excited & have some great new ideas on how we can all stay safe & enjoy what we do….. Stay Tuned.

    Note…..I would like to acknowledge the rest of the team at C&B Safe. Michelle, Alan, Greg & Anton all do a great job in showing people the real results of workplace injury & death…. And Ness makes it so much easier for us all to share our stories. Well done Team C&B Safe



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