James Wood – Choices

James was a diesel mechanic with his whole life ahead of him, when a workplace accident caused him to break his back and damage his spinal cord! James sustained injuries so severe, that he will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

James is now a Paraplegic!

After three months in hospital and a further six months in a live in rehabilitation centre, James started a new life facing mental, emotional and physical challenges every day… ’I had to learn to live all over again’.

Sadly, not only the victim of an accident has to recover from a workplace injury!

“Before my accident I had never thought about how
something like this affects other people…”

James Wood

Family, friends, partners, kids, workmates…… the list is endless. When an accident happens it is not just the person who is hurt that suffers.

James is the first to admit that his accident was caused by the CHOICES he made, he now shares his story and asks that you think about the CHOICES you make.

Topics Shared:

Leading up to Accident – Accident – Hospital Rehabilitation – Affects on others – Getting back to work Life after injury –
Blame & Compensation

James presentation focuses on ‘Choices’.

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