It’s just not fair!

Woody Shares

So just ask yourself how you would cope with this?

Recently a client rang me to share my story with their apprentice group in Roxby Downs in SA. I’ve been to Roxby many times working for BHP.

So I ask the people that do my flight bookings to arrange a flight from Adelaide to Roxby Downs. Most of you know that I use a wheelchair so I need some assistance to get on and off the plane, but once I’m on I’m just like every other passenger. They get back to me and say that the airline that flies in and out of Roxby (Alliance Airlines) will only fly me if I can give them the name of someone who will fly with me and help me if there is an emergency.

I’m sorry but this is bullshit!…… I’ve been flying for 30 years and this is the first time that I’ve been told that I need to fly with a “Carer”.

Alliance this is wrong, how can you ask me that I need to provide someone to fly with me? For a start, I like to think I’m independent and pride myself on travelling alone. And secondly where do I find someone that will agree to travel with me and agree that if something goes wrong they have to stay behind and help me get off the plane!

You Suck Alliance!

Ok but now I’ve made my point I do want to ask you to think about the fact that if you get hurt it is not just the initial changes that make things difficult. My injury happened 30 years ago and I’m still having to deal with things because of it.

Don’t hurt yourself….. It’s not worth it.

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