It’s a whole new world people!

Ok so think about this for a minute.

Most of us interact with other people regularly, you speak to your partner, you argue with your kids, you converse with your workmates and colleagues.

So how hard do you think it would be to have a conversation with a piece of plastic?

Well that is what myself and the other speakers have been doing for the last couple of months.

With COVID-19 we have been restricted from travelling, so most of our presentations have been by Zoom, WebEx, Teams etc. (communication platforms) and I’ll be the first to say it’s been Bloody Hard!

Normally you can look at the person you are speaking to, pick up on facial expressions or body language. But when you speak to a computer you get Nothing, Nada, Zip!
You have to try and pretend you are speaking to a real person, you have to smile, frown, laugh when appropriate, you have to try and imagine what they are thinking while you are speaking, you have to think of what they are thinking about what you have just said. And then you have to try and deal with any delays in audio, poor internet connection, them not hearing what you said correctly!

It’s a nightmare!
But guess what people, get used to it because we will be doing it for a while.

Technology will improve,
we will learn how to use it better,
there will be a whole new etiquette on how we work with these platforms.
Some of us will deal with it and others will struggle.

For me personally I have enjoyed the challenge of trying to deliver as strong a message on safety as if I were there in person……. But it’s bloody hard!

Here’s the clients that have had Live On-line presentations this month…working together to make this new way work!

Thank you….

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