Introducing Safety Annie

Think back to when you were growing up or in school, can you remember some of the things you did or saw that still stick with you today? I can…

So with the help of my daughter Annie we have started to put together a program of safety messages and videos aimed at younger people.

Each week Safety Annie will release a new video with her unique take on a specific safety message. 

Have a look at the videos she has already done and please share these with your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. 

Let’s get our kids thinking about safety in the right way.

Watch her on YouTube at Safety Annie and be sure to Subscribe to her channel
Keep up to date on Facebook with Safety Annie
See her pictures videos on Instagram at @safetyanniesays
Say hi to Safety Annie at and send her a message on what you would like her to talk about.

Here are two of Safety Annie’s video you can watch now…

Safety Annie Says Stay Safe Australia

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