I’m ok… I’m not okay…

By Michael Weston

For 14 months in my role as a Maintenance Superintendent back in 2013, I went about my business with a visard to disguise how I was feeling EVERY DAY. 

Breaking down in tears, feeling alone and confused EVERY DAY whilst keeping this a secret from my work colleagues, my family and friends was standard practice for me for 14 months…until I got professional help. 

Remember to look out for those we work with, the ones we love and the ones we don’t because we all matter in this life.

Start a conversation, but don’t simply ask “Are you OK?” on the pass. 
It’s a closed question that will get a closed answer. (Yes or No)

As an example, ask an open question by extending your question to “Are you OK, the reason I ask is because I noticed your not coming to our monthly catch-ups anymore. I’m worried about you, …” etc.

Extending your question demonstrates to the person in need of a listening ear that you are in actual fact actively listening and that you care. 

Sometimes we need to take a good look around the corner!

Please, start the conversation today!

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