Ignorance Does Not Spell Bliss!

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As my day to day job involves the servicing of Air Compressor equipment, I would like to share an incident that I recently experienced with one of my colleagues.

Wearing correct PPE within the confines of our workshop is mandatory, and unfortunately there are still too many that think ‘this will never happen to me’.

Not on my shift I say… so recently, 2 colleagues were seen to be working in the area, with no sign of PPE, simply because they were in a hurry and needed to change the gas struts on a portable Air Compressor. Although others turned a blind eye to the fact they were not wearing any PPE but then felt the need to mention it to me, initially I asked these staff, ‘so where is your PPE’? I was met with finger pointing and hostility…. but did I do anything?

Bloody oath I did, why wouldn’t I? We have all heard the ‘See something, Say something’ so naturally I felt compelled to lead by example and expose the lack of care when risking not only themselves but others in the process. I’m not scared to speak up because my family walks a path nobody wants to take.

Hence to say, smarten up people, don’t compromise your own health or that of others when you are simply in a hurry.

You should know better, We all know better, don’t risk it, Make Smarter Choices as it’s just not worth it.

As a follow up to this, a further colleague was pulled up again by me, just 2 weeks later for a similar reason and yet again approached by me for overlooking his responsibility.
Job done… I feel good because I care.

Do you?

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