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I received this email from someone recently sharing a story with me.

My husband and his best friend were doing some work on an old caravan, it’s quite heavy and they fitted a Wind Up Jockey Wheel to make it easier to move.
They noticed that one of the brackets that holds the Jockey Wheel was not screwed up properly.
The first guys says to the second guy “We should do that up” .
The second guy says “Yep let’s just move it over here first”…..

      CRUNCH the first guy now has several broken toes!

The lesson here is that when you identify a risk don’t delay in fixing it!
Don’t risk an injury for the few seconds it would have taken to fix it!

I got two things out of this email, the first is as she said, if you identify a risk stop the job until you can remove the risk or fix it!
The second thing is by sharing this maybe we can learn from what happened to the First Guy!

Thanks Rosemary for the email…love it when others share their stories.If anyone else has a story to share that we can learn from please send it through & I’ll put it in the newsletter.

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