How things have changed for us

Normally each month when I write my newsletter I try and think of a relevant safety issue that has popped up in the news or something that me or one of my family has experienced that is Safety related.

But this month I just want to talk about how things have changed for us. 

We live in Victoria, we are in an area that has been put back into lockdown due to a second wave of COVID-19 outbreaks, not that there have been any reported in our local area.
I’m a bit sad about this, since March our Safety Speakers have been unable to visit workplaces. Last month (June) we started to receive some phone calls from companies that were starting to get busy and wanting to refocus on safety and stopping people getting hurt.

Then the lockdowns happened and everything turned to shit again!

But this time it was worse!

Politicians were blaming each other for it, the public were blaming the politicians, the Federal government was blaming the State government, different ethnic groups were blaming each other for not social distancing and security guards were rooting people that were meant to be in isolation and having no contact with anyone….. FFS!

Now we are in a situation where we HAVE to wear face masks when out in public and many people including us have a lot less work.

Is this a safety issue? 

Fkn oath it is! I had a friend text my wife yesterday asking if she wanted to get together for a sneaky wine or two!

If we don’t take this shit seriously more people are going to DIE!!!!

I’m not going to tell you what to do, you are not children, but I am going to ask you to really think about some of the things that you are seeing on the news and what you can do to stop it.

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