How far would you go for Safety?

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Recently I was invited to share my story with NRW employees in WA. I was speaking to the site manager and he explained that they were pulling everyone off the job for a safety meeting with a variety of different speakers.

It was explained to me that they would only need me for about 60 minutes. And we confirmed the dates and made the travel arrangements.

So I live in the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, about an hour from the airport. Then I fly from Melbourne to Perth 3406km, then I spend a night in Perth and the next morning catch a 5AM (Yuck) flight up to Paraburdoo in WA 1529km away. I then pick up a hire car and attach my hand controls and drive another 102km to the site that I was working at.

I participated in a great safety day and shared my message and spoke to many people during the day. But then I had to drive back to Paraburdoo airport to fly back to Perth before overnighting and then flying back to Melbourne and driving home.

Here’s the figures:

  • 4 hours in the car
  • 11 hours in the air (approx)
  • 10,074km travelled
  • 2 nights in hotels
  • 1 safety presentation for 60 minutes
  • 53 hours from the time I left home to the time I drove back in the driveway

Now that’s a huge amount of travel and time to deliver my story to this site. Not to mention the cost involved in pulling nearly 100 people off the job for a few hours.

Worth it?……. 

Absolutely, if the information shared this day stops even one person from getting hurt, or encourages one person to get some help for mental health issues it is definitely worth it and I’d happily do it again.

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