Health Challenge

When was the last time you started a Health Challenge?
Lose a couple of Kilo’s, finish a fun run or longer distance run, do a bike ride?…….
Did you achieve it?
I’ve started one…. Sort of!

I was speaking with my brother in law a while back and he told me that he’d had some tests done and one of his results was a bit of a worry. He said that the doctor suggested that he give the alcohol a miss for a while.
My BIL and I spoke about this and we decided to give it a rest for a minimum of 6 weeks, that was 2 and a half weeks ago.

So I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a drink for over 2 weeks and I actually am noticing a difference. I’m not sure if it is all in my head but I seem to have a little more energy, I am sleeping deeper (not longer) and I wake up much easier in the morning.

The first week was interesting as at the end of the day I would be automatically tempted to go to the fridge and grab a beer, so it was a conscious fight to have tea or water instead.

Anyway I just wanted to share this with you, for those of you who decide to take on a health kick or challenge I would urge you to give it a go.

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