Don’t forget your Med’s

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When you have any injury you sometimes use medication to help manage any issues associated with the injury. For example I take a pill daily that stops me from getting muscle spasms in my legs and I also take a pill that stops me from pissing myself (excuse the description)

But what happens if you go somewhere & you forget to take your pills?

I recently went to Qld for 3 days & when I arrived I found that I had forgot to bring the pills that stop me from wetting myself! Now I was on a remote mine site 2 hours from the nearest town so ducking up to the pharmacy or the doctors was not an option.

Luckily I made it through the 3 days without an “Accident” which would have been embarrassing & also would have made me angry.

But there’s a lot of these side issues that make getting hurt change your life in lots of interesting and challenging ways!

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