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This is a story for Safety Professionals and Managers 

Over the last 2 months I have been going to the same site every week. They have released a new SHMS (Safety Health Management System) and asked me to visit the site to help show why we have these things in our workplaces.
I have to say that it has been one of the best things that I have done and I have to give the site credit for the way that they have done it.

Firstly, they had a large employee involvement in the new SHMS, it was not just drawn up by safety people and managers & shoved down their throats! It was designed with input from workgroups and shop floor staff.

Secondly, it has cut out a lot of the “Procedural” requirements and made it much simpler & easier to understand. Sure it still complies with the Act and they still have specifications and SWMS. But it looks like a really good system and much more user friendly.

But Thirdly, the fact that I have been on site every week for 8 weeks has given employees a chance to talk to me about some of the concerns they have with safety and to ask me the questions that they did not ask in front of their workmates. It also allows them to tell me about some of the things that they have “Got away with”.

I think this is a really important point, many of you have had an incident but not been hurt. But by seeing just how close you came to getting hurt or by hearing how my injury changed my life it makes some people more aware of how things could have changed for them.

So for those of you in a management or safety role please have a think about how you get your messages across and also think about how you can give your people the reason for the systems you have in place at your business or workplace.

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