Dealing with frustration

Here’s something that is slightly off topic, but still worth discussing. 

How do you deal with something that is annoyingly frustrating?

Here’s a hypothetical…

You are building a house, it’s nearly completed so you ask the builder if you can get it landscaped (at your cost) the builder comes back to you and says ‘Yes, as long as you liaise with the supervisor.’

So one day the supervisor is out on site and you take your landscape plans to show him and ask him a specific question. He gives you an answer and then you instruct your landscapers to proceed based on the answer he gave you.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the builder calls you to tell you that the final inspection has been knocked back because the house does not comply because the work the landscapers did was not on the house plan.

So you say to the builder… ‘But I specifically asked the supervisor that question.’
He says ‘He doesn’t work for me any more so it’s not my problem and you will have to rip the landscaping up to get compliance’.

Ok…so what would you do? 

I know there are channels or processes that you can take, legal options, appeals etc. Keep in mind that you are paying a loan or mortgage on the property and just want it finished as soon as possible.

Or do you just give in, get the landscaping fixed so it does comply and never deal with the dickhead builder again?

Frustrating huh???

(Builders details available on request…… Just Kidding…  : ) 

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