COVID-19 In Victoria

James Junk, Whatever

Image credit to CovidPete

Phew…… that’s probably the best way I can describe how me and many other Victorians are feeling right now.

We have just achieved 31 days of no new cases of COVID-19 and no deaths from COVID-19. We have had some lockdown restrictions removed and we are working our way slowly and carefully out of what has been one of the most testing times in my life.

Here in Victoria we were in Stage 4 Lockdown for over 100 days!
We had restrictions on travel, exercise, work.
We had checkpoints manned by police and defense personnel.
We could only leave home for food, work, exercise and essential work.

I’ve had family and friends interstate say to me ‘We know how you must be feeling.’
Actually you have no idea how we were feeling, stage 4 lockdown was horrible for me and for the majority of Victorians and unless you were part of it you really have no idea how tough it has been.

But guess what, our state government listened to the experts, they put a plan in place, they did some ‘Modelling’ and look where we are today 31 days of double zero figures!

Some people are quick to blame, oh but if they did this, or they should have done that!
But they didn’t, they did what they did and it worked. In years to come there will be studies, enquiries and arguments on how it could, should and would be done…….

But I don’t care, they did what they did and we are where we are.

From me to you……. Thank you.

The new symbol of hope in Victoria…the doughnut!

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